About BooksOpen

Sponsor a child in Africa.

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BooksOpen is motivated by the belief that education is the most unambiguous step towards long-term human security in Africa. We aim to support disadvantaged children over the long-haul of a quality education, and to generate dialogue about and support for improving primary and secondary education in Tanzania.  BooksOpen has several core, long-term goals:

  • First and foremost, to send orphaned and other relatively disadvantaged children all the way through boarding school (K-12) in Tanzania, and to forge lasting relationships between students and their supporters.
  • To monitor and report on the impacts of our projects through digital media posted to BooksOpen.net, and develop a wider dialogue about the current state and future of education in Africa.
  • To partner with boarding schools to help deliver supplies and technical resources to improve education.
  • To support the development of curricula that meet the growing challenges in Tanzanian society such as environmental change, economic integration, and democratization.
  • To construct transition pre-schools and follow-up placement and monitoring programs for young orphans.

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